What I’ve been up to

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Hey there!

I’ve finally introduced an actual blog part to this site – it used to just be my projects. I’mreally looking forward to start publishing some media related posts on here. As you might know, I also have another blog – KAMZ ONLINE which is a personal lifestyle, uni and travel site. I will most probably be a lot more active on there.

I got pushed towards the idea to put a blog page on this portfolio site when talking to some people about digital and online portfolios. On here, I can talk about my career, education, media work, inspirations and ambitions, which is something I can’t really do on the other blog.

Plus, what a great opportunity to show more of what I do or what I have to say to someone who is interested in my digital portfolio or in my work. If you do have a similar site, I do really recommend doing the same – especially that it keeps your site more active!grvgrssgrv

What have I been up to? If you’ve been on here before, you’ll see that I haven’t updated my projects in a long time. The truth is, I haven’t even finished putting up all my old work, never mind any new work. The other truth is – there isn’t as much new work. I will really get on top of that as soon as possible, but I’m struggling for time currently. Why?


  1. Uni work – As it’s coming towards the end of my second year, everything’s piling up. I had a few weeks of complete non stop essays – soon as that finished, it’s exams, then more essays in the future! On the other hand, my classes finish next week (crazy how soon it is, right?) and I only have about a month left of assessments. After that, I’m finally free to prioritise everything else (and binge on those TV shows I’ve been missing).
  2. Placement search – After not being sure whether to go on a placement year, I finally decided to try and find one. However, a placement search is a really difficult, especially that many of them have their deadlines so soon (some have even already passed) but I’m staying positive! It just takes a lot of time, especially that in this industry it seems vital to amend your CV for each position and have everything up
    to date online (including this, oooops).
  3. Media work – Although I said there isn’t much new work, I have been working on some stuff that I will put up soon. That includes some graphic design and some photography/video footage. I have also done some volunteering with the Yorkshire Sport Foundation, where I got to be a part of the media team during the South Yorkshire School Games – I’ll write a separate post on that, and hopefully will also get to upload some work from that soon.




I can not wait to finish this term’s modules, so that I can do all the things I have planned to do this summer. Until I post more, do check out my projects, find me on social media (which you can find on the side bar) and check out my other blog!






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