Media Tech Assignment | Reflection

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This project was definitely a rollercoaster of underestimating and overestimating my own abilities. Creating something for Media Technology sounded terrifying but also exciting. I think, without determination in our entire team, Chloe, Lauren and I would not have lasted through the challenges we were faced with.

Inventing the app

Although I came up with the original idea for I TRIED (after hours of looking for a dress on Instagram), it was an unclear ideology then, but through group conversation, we formed it into what would be a genuinely useful app.

Connecting this with our passion for body image and inclusivity was useful and shaped the direction for our project.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 05.07.20.png

Creating the app

We didn’t know coding, and design and web content was the limit of my tech experience. To build the app, we looked into the idea of actually learning coding, but we dropped it after realising that we couldn’t guarantee accomplishing that in such a short time. We wanted something that we could rely on to provide us with a working prototype on time, so app generators proved to be the right choice.Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 01.31.56.png

We had to find an app building software that not only allowed our vision but was also free and usable for us. Although it took us a bit of trial and error to choose Appy Pie, it meant that by then we already had practice of what to do – which sped up the process of creation.

We split the roles based on everyone’s
experience, so that we could pull on our strengths, which made sure the prototype would be the best we can make it.

However, as we were constantly communicating on every step of each task, it felt like everyone was taking part in everything. Having each other’s support along the way made this much easier and our team work made it efficient.

Making it workScreen Shot 2017-11-12 at 18.21.42.png

As hard as the creation was, making it work was the most challenging part. Choosing to have an app with user generated content was supposed to mean less work, but instead we had to create those profiles and content to prove it works.

As we used Android (with Apple rejecting apps from generators) and no one in the group had an Android phone, this seemed impossible.

It resulted in a few all nighters on Facetime with my dad to make an Android Emulator work on my mac, which was still unsuccessful in the end. However, through team effort, we eventually found someone with an Android device that we could use. If we had thought about this in advance (and maybe made a web app instead) we would have saved ourselves days of work.

After the app

This task has impacted me so much in multiple ways as someone who’s always despised team work. This has showed me how working in a well arranged team can be more efficient and successful in project like these.  I have also realised the importance and depth of technology, which made me sign up for coding classes this summer. The entire project has also provided me with enterprise and innovation skills which make me more employable.

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